Day 3- Williamsburg and Richmond

June 24, 2020

I coughed myself awake, only once, at 3:30 AM and was convinced that I had the coronavirus until 4:45 AM.

Eventually back to sleep, I then dreamt that I was back in high school and a girl made fun of my pajama pants pattern. I ended up chasing her. I woke up with the sheets kicked all out of place and wondered if I was dream-kicking like my old hound dog, Huggy Bear, did while dreaming of chasing rabbits, or mean high school girls.

Today, was what Rick was looking forward to the most! It was Hot Holly day! Having me here as a guest may have been just an excuse to drive to Williamsburg so he can peek at his alma mater, William & Mary, and get a super special sub, the Hot Holly. The other two days may have just been putting up with me and my very loud pajama bottoms.

Roast beef, turkey, American cheese, toasted, pickles and BACON. Oh, Sweet Moses, as Rick would say

After lunch we lumbered out of the car and took a grand ole stroll through Colonial Williamsburg. Not a lot of people, but they were open nonetheless and happy to see us out wandering.

We actually started our morning with a great drive through Rick’s neighborhood here in Richmond. These homes below were one block from his home in Ginter Park.

Tonight is the last Safe Zone sleeping arrangement for quite a while (unless I get scared and head back home with my tail between my legs). Tomorrow, I leave my TD BFF’s home and head south into the Covid Hot Zone… Florida.

I have no intentions on doing the Touristy Sites while in Florida. Not just for time constraints, but legitimate concerns regarding their exorbitant Covid-19 cases. Jesus, Florida, get a fucking grip on reality!

As Bob Brown, one of the best TDs I’ve ever met, would say, “Get in and GET OUT!”

More to come…

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