Back to Work

January 19, 2018

Put on the uniform, put on a smile, hang the “Welcome Desk” sign up, and the first person to approach…yells at me and calls me an Idiot.

Here’s a Life Hack: if you are a Dick, stay home.

I don’t resemble the weather front that delayed your flight, so why are you blaming me?

I don’t know why the hotel hallway smells of curry. I’ll look into it.

If you need more pillows, I would talk to the front desk. I don’t know where they are kept.

I certainly don’t think I qualify as an idiot because I don’t know the Friday night buffet price in the Sydney tower off the top of my head, but I’ll look it up.

Yes, you have to walk 6 blocks for the Big Bus Tour stop even if the route passes the hotel.

You can’t stand long flights? Then why did you come to Australia?

No, I am NOT the useless asshole in the office who put you on deck 7 aft. I’m your cruise host, and when we get onboard the ship, we can go to guest services and ask for a different part of the ship. No, I can’t change ship rooms around. I don’t work for NCL.

The plugs are different because they use 220 here, not 110 like the U.S. No, your curling iron won’t work if you bend the prongs to match the Wall’s holes.

I’m going back to bed.

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