Alaska – #50 of 50

September 2018 One word: GORGEOUS! Ketchikan, Juneau and Seward, Alaska. My adult tour company pulled me off of my Autumn Leaves tours because they needed someone to be a cruise host for their Alaska, Russia and Japan cruise. I gladly accepted because I had never been to any of these places. This offer was the... Continue Reading →

Otaru, Japan

October 2, 2018 It was a 30 minute walk to downtown Otaru from where ship docked and the little town could not have been more adorable. There were little chocolate shops and confectioners everywhere. So many samples felt like going to a candy only Costco on a Saturday. There were fresh seafood kiosks that would... Continue Reading →

Petropovlosk, Russia

October 1, 2018 I really wasn't sure why our cruise ship stopped in Petropovlosk. We had to tender the life boats to a broken down dock and there was nothing around for us to see on foot. I was lucky enough to go on an optional that took us through town to show us some... Continue Reading →

Colonial Williamsburg

April 11, 2018 Favorite line of the day: "Are those raisins?" Asked by a student looking at a dessert place setting with fake cakes on the table. They may have been flies.

A WWII veteran wanted to keep me

April 10, 2018 He hugged me and would not let go. I pick my group of 5th graders up super early at Dulles and then we went to visit memorials before the Smithsonian museums open at 10 a.m. We see a bus full of Honor Flight, who are veterans visiting memorials usually just for a... Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

April 6, 2018 Another fantastic day. Left our hotel in D.C. early this morning, headed to Gettysburg and did the usual Movie, Cyclorama and two-hour battlefield tour. Then to Amish country for food food and more food before bowling in Philadelphia.

Washington D.C.

April 5, 2018 An amazing day with an amazing group from Los Angeles, California. They had a wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday which was absolutely perfect and today we did so many things I cannot even keep track. My feet hurt so bad it's not even funny. This time of year it's like... Continue Reading →

50 Years Later

April 4, 2018 "They told us we wouldn't get here.¬†And there were those who said that we would get here only over their dead bodies, but all the world today knows that we are here and we are standing before the forces of power in the state of Alabama saying, 'We ain't gon' let nobody... Continue Reading →

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