Home in Virginia

February 16, 2018 A day of jetlag and laundry. I woke up at 4 am with a nasty headache, so I took 4 Advil, but it turns out I took for Advil PMs by accident. I didn't wake until 2pm, now feeling hungover and still dehydrated. I'm going back to bed.

Cairns, Australia

February 13, 2018 I have 36 guest flying with me up to Cairnes today to visit the Great Barrier Reef. I sat at the far end of the gate next to ours, and wouldn't you know it, chaos ensued when our gate changed to the one I was sitting at. Just next door. "What do... Continue Reading →

Sydney, I’m Sad to Leave You

February 12, 2018 All I did today was walk. Everywhere. Visited the Sydney Maritime Museum, had a fantastic (non-cruise ship) lunch, and walked some more. Such a beautiful city, and I'm sad to leave, but I am looking forward to flying to Cairnes tomorrow for my Great Barrier Reef adventure. I set all the luggage... Continue Reading →

Sydney, Work and Fun

February 11, 2018 I held office hours until 10pm last night for my 100 guests in my hotel and then headed to the other hotel this morning for office hours. Both were very helpful for everyone, thankfully because I had been here before and had plenty of good suggestions. One of the things I love... Continue Reading →

Sydney, Disembarkation

February 10, 2018 I had to say farewell to all of my new NCL friends today. No more magical animal towels to have conversations with, winks from the captain, although he may have been suffering from allergies, blown kisses from the Shore Excursion guy, who may have been gay, my honey mint tea delivered to... Continue Reading →

More Tasman Sea

February 9, 2018 A day at sea. Let's talk about Ship Food. I've had 19 1/2 days aboard this ship, and I have come up with a few solid conclusions. The food gets reconstituted over the course of three days. Possibly four. Basically, the main course at the Buffet (Garden Cafe) may or may not... Continue Reading →

Tasman Sea. Farewell, NZ

February 8, 2018 A day at sea. I'm going to share a little Liz Secret. If you see me at 6:30 am, far from any humans around the corner from everyone's view, out on the windy freezing back deck of the ship, dressed like John Snow at the Wall, where no human wants to be,... Continue Reading →

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