Day 13- Rhode Island to Massachusetts

July 4, 2020 Warwick Lighthouse, Rhode Island Warwick Lighthouse Pomham Rocks Lighthouse Nayatt Point Lighthouse Conimicut Lighthouse Bristol Ferry Lighthouse Goat Island Lighthouse Castle Hill Lighthouse Beavertail Lighthouse Butler Flats Lighthouse, Massachusetts Ned Point Lighthouse

Day 10- New Jersey

July 1, 2020 I slept in a Hampton Inn last night and it was absolutely glorious. Not just because it was an actual bed with air-conditioning and a bathroom all to myself but it was only 12,000 Marriott Bonvoy points which is like so super cheap. A serious win on all fronts. Like everybody in... Continue Reading →

Day 8- The Outer Banks

June 29, 2020 I think Blackbeard WILLINGLY SURRENDERED and agreed (possibly suggested) to be shot five times, and stabbed many more, just to be finally rid of THE MOSQUITOES ON OCRACOKE ISLAND! 3 words: Deep. Woods. Off. Although a very lovely place, last night’s sleep did not go as well as one would expect in... Continue Reading →

Day 7- Ferry to Ocracoke Island

June 27, 2020 While waiting for my ferry this afternoon, I checked my odometer’s Trip setting. I have driven 1,669 miles since leaving my condo in Falls Church, Virginia a week ago. That doesn’t even count all the miles Rick put on his car when we were wandering Richmond, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg together.... Continue Reading →

Day 6- Oak Island to the Outer Banks, NC

June 27, 2020 It took me three hours to get to my first lighthouse, on Oak Island, and I was already tired. At 3:15 in the morning, my rest stop turned into a disco when at least 8-9 cars packed with people showed up. All their plates....Florida. Apparently, they are bringing their Covid-infected bodies north.... Continue Reading →

Day 5- Savannah on North

June 26, 2020 I certainly got a free sauna treatment last night from sleeping in the car in the south. It’s much hotter than I expected. Nobody bothered me last night but tonight‘s rest area apparently is patrolled by police so I expect them to shoot me out at any time. I drove into Savannah... Continue Reading →

Day 2- Virginia Beach

June 23, 2020 For some ungodly reason, I woke up at 6am. Apparently, I was excited to go to the beach and get my first lighthouse pic. Rick rolled downstairs an hour later stunned at me hunkered down without coffee reading. Coffee, bagels, pack the car, 800 SPF applied and off we went. Located right... Continue Reading →

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