Balloch Castle and park, Luss Village

Balloch Castle- a county park now Park’s view of Loch Lomond Sassenach Coffee in Luss Village Luss Village Around 1,500 years ago, an Irish missionary, St Kessog, arrived at Loch Lomond, bringing Christianity to the area. At the time Luss was called Clachan Dhu (the dark village) because it lay in the shadow of the... Continue Reading →

Dunblane Cathedral & Village

The church is dedicated to the 6th century saint, St. Blane and this gives its name to the settlement: dunblane meaning hill of St Blane. The church also had an altar to St. Lawrence. The oldest surviving part of the church is the lower four storeys of the tower which date from around 1100AD. The... Continue Reading →

Glamis Castle, Scotland

Glamis Castle has been the ancestral seat of the Lyon family since 1372 when King Robert II granted the thanage of Glamis to Sir John Lyon. Four years later Sir John married the King’s daughter, Princess Johanna Stewart. Four years later Sir John married the King’s daughter, Princess Johanna Stewart. In the 1400s on the... Continue Reading →

Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland

440 Million years ago, this 3-sided, 160 foot rock, surrounded by the North Sea, was formed. 5000 BC - 700 AD: Evidence of Picts living on the sea stack of Dunnicaer, just north of where the Castle is situated today, has been found by archaeologists from the University of Aberdeen. Carbon dating shows this to... Continue Reading →

More Scottish Castles

I visited St. Andrews in the morning, toured the castle and the cathedral, and walked around the town. Then who doesn’t need a coffee shop in a toasty? Then I continued the drive north up the Fife coast to Broughty Castle. Broughty Castle Then to Claypotts Castle. It wasn’t open and there was nowhere to... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh to St. Andrews, Scotland

Flew, landed, walked, car rental, left side, stick shift, not crashing, off I go. Quick stop at a grocery store, since I packed super light for these three weeks in a tiny Vauxal hatchback. Then, I was off. Abandoned dollie WWII fortifications Cramond Village, outside Edinburg Ruby Bay, Elie Hike to Lady’s Tower Elie Lighthouse... Continue Reading →

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