Fiordland! New Zealand

February 7, 2018

At sea today, but we traveled through three different sounds and into Fiord National Park in southern New Zealand’s west side. I think we actually went off course today because a medical emergency evacuation took place in a tiny cove. Everyone was staring at the waterfall on one side while I was watching them release the tender boat and load the poor guy on for a short ride ashore to the waiting ambulance.

Three sounds. Three different times of day. Three totally different weather patterns. Misty, blustering wind and freezing. Overcast, and then blazing hot for the final 2 knot stroll.

A guest took me out to dinner tonight for an amazing steak at Cagneys followed by the best raspberry Creme Brulee of my life. I would have married the pastry chef on the spot if my waiter was ordained.

Below are also a couple photos from a Dunedin grocery store. Tongue spread? Seriously?

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