Washington D.C.

April 5, 2018

An amazing day with an amazing group from Los Angeles, California. They had a wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday which was absolutely perfect and today we did so many things I cannot even keep track. My feet hurt so bad it’s not even funny. This time of year it’s like peak season and there are one bazillion people in Washington DC doing absolutely everything that we are doing as well and there’s no getting away from the tourists.

We went to Mount Vernon and I was so excited that one of my favorite people was working over there. He is an actor who portrays George Washington’s secretary and he’s so funny and so great with the kids. He teaches the ladies how to curtsy and the men how to properly bow. He also made sure that the students understand proper etiquette and because they are going to cruise/dance tonight we taught them how to be polite to boys and girls they don’t know.

We then zipped over to the Capitol building for one of those scheduled tour photos and then had our Capitol tour after a crazy lunch in the building. There are so many freaking people trying to eat lunch there it’s absolutely horrific.

Headed outside for my favorite BFF Capitol police officer to say hi to my group …he’s so adorable by the way. And we did a massive two-bus group photo with him holding that giant gun. He shook the hand of everyone who was involved in the wreath laying ceremony. So sweet.

Now we are at the Newseum and I am trying to finish up paperwork while I’m hanging out here and then to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and then to the cruise which will soon enough smell like teen Spirit.

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