UK – Day 9 of 37

Thursday, October 31, 2019

I thought I was going to kill us both at least 4 times today. These are NOT streets, lanes or anything other than something a man on a horse can drive down. Certainly NOT a sprinter van! A fucking mobile home was coming towards us so I had no choice but to nearly put the van into the muddy ditch or die, screaming the entire time, as Cassandra sat there silent, probably shitting herself. I hate driving these small towns in a van. #StupidIdeaLiz #RentAHorseInstead

It was pretty foggy this morning and seeing anything coming at you on narrow hilly roads was enough to set your blood pressure on high, but more importantly, the pictures of the Ceres Man sucked! He is the United Kingdom’s Hill Filth!

Then we headed up to Knightshayes Court in Tiverton. Beautiful house.

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