Back to Work – New York City

February 29, 2020

Almost a week since returning from my Westerdam adventure, and it is Back To Work!

Reflection inside the Vessel in Hudson Yards

The day after I returned home I received several phone calls from the Center for Disease Control, Virginia Department of Health, and the Fairfax County Department of Health. They knew everything about what I had been up to. I’m surprised they didn’t tell me what I was going to have for dinner. Each asked me a series of questions that I easily could have rattled off the answers to before they even asked, having been accustomed to the questions over the last week. I sent them my Coronavirus test results and made them happy.

Reflection of buildings at the 9/11 Memorial

It is back to work full-time leading student tours. Prepping for student to tour work is a lot like prepping for adult work -just with a little bit more Snark. Recite the facts, the dates the architects, the height of the buildings, all of those good things that you soon forget once the season is over. Then you go back through all of your stories, remember the names of all the main characters, the plot twists and all of the fun facts that students love usually involving ghosts, death and dismemberment something wonky oh and all of the duels.

Day 1 of my student tour season: 29,468 steps. Almost 12 miles. I want to die.

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