Mapping The Lighthouses

June 17, 2020

Ok. There are quite a few more lighthouses than I expected. New Jersey, you brought your A-Game when prepping for nautical safety back in the day. 18 that I can actually get to without a boat. But Massachusetts, I stopped counting at 35+. You came to win! (If building lighthouses was a Titan competition hosted by my boyfriend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.)

Since I am starting from the south, let’s look at these babies in order.

Florida has 15, that I can actually get to, but a few of them in the keys will be pretty far off in the water. That’s what the good old Nikon zoom lens is for.

Georgia, you have 6 lighthouses, but I may be spending more time wandering around searching for the best fried chicken. I’m coming for you, Mrs. Wilkes. Your food was up there with Michie’s Tavern.

North and South Carolina, you have a combined total of 17+. Getting to the ones on some of the Outer Banks islands should be interesting. I didn’t have room to pack my Rav-4’s pontoons.

Virginia and Maryland will be challenging. No longer are there straight and simple beaches like Florida. The mid-Atlantic has thousands of peninsulas in the massive Chesapeake watershed that take a lot of time to get to because there are so few bridges.

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  1. OMGOSH LIZ! That’s a lot of lighthouses, but what a cool thing to do, are you planning on hitting them all? This could take months! I’ve thought about doing that as well, but never researched how many there are.


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