Day 9- NC to NJ

June 30, 2020

I survived another night sleeping in a rest stop but not before being woken up and startled by a thunderous crash next to my car in the middle of the night. It was the ice settling in the cooler just next to me. Note: don’t listen to podcasts of roadside serial killers before sleeping in a rest area next to murderous looking woods.

Still convinced that Charles Manson followers lurk nearby, I was up super early, so I headed out to Assateague Island for my first lighthouse of the day. I was told the wild ponies were quite a walk through the mosquito-infested woods, so I wimped out and just photographed the Light, and left the ponies to lurk unseen.

Assateague Island Lighthouse
Today’s drive through 5 states

Driving through Ocean City, Maryland, today was the first and the last time I’ll ever head through that town in the summer. It was like Vegas on super-red-neck-steroids. Not. A. Fan.

But, I did find this lovely lighthouse in a trailer park.

As the day heated up my bug bites really started to itch so I ended up driving down the highway while scratching my mosquito bites on my legs with a long stick. I multitask.

Breakwater Lighthouse, Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware
Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse
There was supposed to be a lighthouse here, but only found a swamp and a creepy dude in a mechanics onezy watching me

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