The Congress Club

I FINISHED THE BOOK! She’s now up on Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Page:

A CIA officer is murdered in Virginia. FBI Agent and former spy, Maggie Swain, and her partner, Matt Evans, are assigned to the investigation. A single phone call by the victim moments before his death, leads them to a Navy SEAL Team, Echo. Just returned from a compromised mission, they learn of their intelligence officer’s grizzly murder and realize someone is targeting them. 

Echo must join the investigation to uncover the source of the betrayal. Files on a memory card, discovered in the victim’s throat during his autopsy, lead the team on an action-packed investigation in Washington D.C. and the Middle East. 

They quickly uncover layers of deception and corruption by congressional members associated with an exclusive club on Capitol Hill. Stakes always run high during a presidential election year, but this investigation puts everyone involved in the killer’s crosshairs.

Congress Club is one man’s quest for the White House and the team pledged to defeat him.

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