Leaving for Sydney today

January 11, 2018

After selling the house in Los Angelea a few months ago, and moving my dad back to the east coast to be closer to me, I may not be back to my former home of Los Angeles as often as I once did. Most of my current friends are fellow tour directors that I see on the road occasionally, but the three people, and Lilly Bear the Frenchy, I leave behind in LA, I will miss dearly.

I’m traveling to Sydney, Australia, because I’ve been hired by my adult tour company to be a cruise host aboard two separate cruises. Both back-to-back 10-day cruises are aboard the same NCL ship. The first leaves from Sydney, with most ports in Australia, ending in New Zealand. The second cruise starts in New Zealand, stops in 8 different NZ cities before heading back to Sydney.

Steps: 3,579

Miles: 1.3

Flights: 2

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