Gardens of Sydney

January 16, 2018

Today, I got my lazy butt up early and headed down to the Royal Botanical Gardens and walked every single inch of it. Had a nice chat with a groundskeeper as he replanted some shrub. Well, he talked while I just watched and imagined him waving to me from the Bachelor Rose Parade Float. Can you say “Thunder Down Under”?

I then walked all the way around the harbour and the section of Sydney known as The Rocks. This is where all of the original wharf buildings with their cobblestone streets gentrified from an old Red Light District feel to a bougeois path of upscale restaurants and cool pubs. I keep imagining the tall ships docked a block away and the Pirates of the Caribbean music playing in my head as someone yells in the distance to a wench for another pint.

The fun was over when I started getting way too many emails about delayed flights, cancelled flights, guests not applying for their visas and missing their flight, so I headed back to the hotel.

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