Tazzy! (That’s Tasmania, Mate)

January 24, 2018

We docked in Burnie, Tasmania, for only 6 hours today. Possibly 5 hours too many. The most exciting thing I found was this purple berry bush in the Visitor Center’s parking lot.

Below you will find photographs of both sides of the ship in dock. Port side bundles all of the wood chips that are heading off to Southeast Asia. Starboard side is where the longshoreman put all of the wood chips onto the ships heading to Southeast Asia.

That was about it. Wood chips. Lumber. Shipping of that lumber and wood chips to Southeast Asia.

Being an adult that still has realistic dreams, I wanted the cartoon version of the Tasmanian devil to appear on the docks whirling around like a madman, but instead we got a ship employee dressed in a very odd dolphin costume greeting us as we got back on board. The 6-year old covered in stickers and the geriatric couple in front of me loved it.

There was one Shore Excursion that was called “Devils and Roos” that took people to an animal sanctuary with Tasmanian devils and kangaroos, but I wasn’t going to pay $150 if boxing with kangaroos was not on the itinerary.

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