Akarow, New Zealand

February 5, 2018

I didn’t get off the ship. I would have to get tender tickets, then wait for my time, then a 15 min min tender, then a bus into town…. Nope. I slept in, then finished another newsletter. Had lunch. Drank 6 espressos. Relaxed.

Whenever I have time, I like to spy on the Bridge. The captain rarely visits my deck but he recently had a photo shoot with the crew accepting their monthly awards. Every time he walked past my desk, he winks and smiles, very similar to how David Hasselhoff did to me in the 90s when I worked at the guard gate at Pepperdine U. Only difference? The captain is classy and the “Hoff” would wink as he shot me his “finger gun” as he drove through the gate on his way to film another episode of Baywatch.

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