Picton, New Zealand

February 4, 2018

Every person was greeted by little old ladies with baskets of hand-made corsages on the dock. It was such a sweet gesture and introduction to this little town. There are ten ladies that do this for every cruise ship coming in. Takes them almost 4 hours of work and they joked about how they did this late at night so none of the neighbors would catch them stealing flowers off their porch.

The town itself was only a few blocks long and two streets so it only took about an hour to walk the entire neighborhood. It was such a beautiful day and they had all of their fishing boats, kayaks and catamarans right there in the bay so people could go off on an adventure through the islands.

I wandered through a few shops knowing I wouldn’t buy anything, but then I saw three patches for the cities we have traveled in NZ. I had to buy them to add to my “patch quilt” blanket that I’ll make some day.

I came back to the ship before lunch and did some work out on the pool deck. A photo of my “office” is below.

Then I have my “real” office hours on this cruise 2-8pm every day on Deck 7 next to the Shore Excursions desk. Quite a few people have walked past and feel compelled to tell me their life story. Most aren’t even my guests! One woman was conflicted because she had purchased another cruise to Hong Kong and then Japan, but she should have gone to Fiji on a different cruise… She was. Just. So. Distraught. I told her to go have a cocktail and let her heart decide what to do. Poor thing… Poor poor… What-ever.

This has been so relaxing. Even though I have had a few people relay how pissed they were about their land tours… They eventually leave and my view returns to the ocean thru the doors in front of me.

I’ve learned my lesson about how much time Facebook sucks from your soul, and still thankful I am not partaking. This website automatically posts on FB so I don’t have to do it.

I have been without a TV, Netflix or Hulu for 20 days now, and have written this blog every day. Clockwork. I have read three novels. I have completed four of my student tour newsletters; 5 pages each packed with info and corresponding links. This is by far the most productive I have been in a few years.

Drama-Fucking-Free, Bitches!

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