Cairns, Australia

February 13, 2018

I have 36 guest flying with me up to Cairnes today to visit the Great Barrier Reef. I sat at the far end of the gate next to ours, and wouldn’t you know it, chaos ensued when our gate changed to the one I was sitting at. Just next door. “What do we do?”

“Sit down, here at the new gate and relax.”

They sat down right next to me. Comforting to them I guess.

After a three hour flight up the Eastern coast of Australia, we landed at Cairnes. Here we actually walked out of our 787 and onto the tarmac, which I haven’t done since visiting Cambodia. The heat and humidity was just the same.

Our local guide was waiting for us at baggage claim and we all headed to the hotel once we were loaded.

Cairnes is a combo of Key West and Waikiki. Beautiful, humid, incredible restaurants and bars, fabulous views, breezy, smell of the fresh sea… Perfect.

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