NYC, Before the Storm

March 6, 2018

I snored myself awake and turned to see my 3 group leaders laughing at me somewhere near the Delaware border. We left the hotel super early this morning hoping to see as much of NYC before the foot of snow that is expected tomorrow drops on us.

First: lunch at Gray’s Papaya and a bagel spot. A nice Welcome to New York moment. Walked over to the Dakota, into Central Park for the traditional walk through the park, with a pickup by one of my favorite drivers on 5th.

3 hours free in the city until the Empire State Building. Thank God because I have not had a minute to myself in nine days. I have calls to make, nasty bills to pay and a ton of paperwork to proofread and finish.

I’m sitting in the Marriott Marquis lobby watching 15 “Dance Moms” and their little girls prepare for some Nickelodeon show. All are in hot pink, perfect hair and hooker makeup. Ever seen that horror of a show “Toddlers & Tiaras?” Like that.

Schools in NYC are already cancelled for tomorrow preparing for the foot of snow predicted in my path. Literal Foot Path. Tomorrow is our big walking day in NYC. I tried to get as much done today as possible, but we still have downtown to accomplish.

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