Dirksen Dining Hall and other things

March 5, 2018

The group leader for my current tour is the high school’s administrator and she treats us to lunch every year at the Senate Dining Hall in the Dirksen Office Building. She actually sells it as a field trip experience amongst our country’s leadership. Amazing. And so much fun. The bill is usually over $1,000 for the group. So worth it, she says. We all agreed as we grumbled… so full not able to form complete sentences.

This is the best lunch anywhere in D.C. and cheaper than most restaurants in town. $20. Full buffet with carving station, but not like a Home Town Buffet or other “feed trough” buffets. This is super fancy with real table cloths, linen napkins, and Senators strewn about eating salads and fancy cheeses as my students hit the BBQ rib and fried chicken station for a third time. Really good Mac and cheese, not as amazing as Wolfgang’s in the Newseum, but scrumptious nonetheless. I think I saw vegetables, but who cares when baked Alaska, chicken parmesan and other goodies await. A variety of cakes and their famous bread pudding with vanilla bourbon sauce are last, and don’t forget to put the honey-soaked walnuts and hand whipped cream on top. Then, just when you can’t even think about eating another bite, the server comes around with ice cream pre-scouped with all three flavors in the cup.

Not very many of us even at dinner last night.

Our day began at Mount Vernon, then Capitol Hill, lunch, inside the Capitol for a tour with a remarkable guide, waved to my cop buddy, the Library of Congress, Supreme Court photo, then the bus. A quick stop at the White House, only a day after someone committed suicide right where we stood.

Dinner, then memorials.

Unfortunately, I had to go to my apartment after getting the kids to the hotel to pick up paperwork and snow boots for the upcoming storm tomorrow. 9 inches predicted in NYC. Yuk.

My high school group on George’s chairs.

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