Day 2- Virginia Beach

June 23, 2020

For some ungodly reason, I woke up at 6am. Apparently, I was excited to go to the beach and get my first lighthouse pic. Rick rolled downstairs an hour later stunned at me hunkered down without coffee reading. Coffee, bagels, pack the car, 800 SPF applied and off we went.

Located right up against Old Fort Monroe is the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse

We drove around historic Fort Monroe and found quite a few gorgeous old brick Colonial houses that must have been used as officer’s quarters back in the day. When we drove around the point and were looking up high for a grand beautiful lighthouse we only saw a stubby round brick building. “Are all you lighthouses going to be this short?” As we drove right past it and had to turn around.

She may have been a little squatsy, but she was the first of many to have their photo taken on this adventure.

I just got comfortable and pulled out my Kindle when a typhoon-strength gust of wind destroyed my super-hearty umbrella. Drats!

We headed to the southern end of Virginia Beach hoping it would be less crowded. There were still quite a few people there, all adhering to the distancing rules but none wearing masks. There was a nice breeze, plenty of room between each family, so yeah… Coronavirus won’t catch us.

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