Day 5- Savannah on North

June 26, 2020

I certainly got a free sauna treatment last night from sleeping in the car in the south. It’s much hotter than I expected. Nobody bothered me last night but tonight‘s rest area apparently is patrolled by police so I expect them to shoot me out at any time.

I drove into Savannah early in the morning to photograph the lighthouse that’s actually in town above the river and then went across to Tybee Island for two more.

Old Harbor Light, Savannah, Georgia
Tybee Island Light, Georgia
Cockspur Island Light, Georgia

Then I started heading north along the coast.

Hilton Head, South Carolina
Hilton Head Rear-Range Light
Hunting Island Beach Light

It was mid afternoon when I arrived at the beach across from Morris Island. Here’s the problem: Friday afternoon, beach town in Summer and nobody cares about the coronavirus. There were thousands of people, which is fine, but my fat ass had to walk nearly two miles (one way) just to get to this sucker photographed because there was no parking.

Morris Island Light, Southeast of Charleston, SC
Charleston Light on Sullivan Island, SC

After another 450 miles today and over a dozen stops, I am tired.

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