Day 6- Oak Island to the Outer Banks, NC

June 27, 2020

It took me three hours to get to my first lighthouse, on Oak Island, and I was already tired.

At 3:15 in the morning, my rest stop turned into a disco when at least 8-9 cars packed with people showed up. All their plates….Florida. Apparently, they are bringing their Covid-infected bodies north. Beware.

Oak Island Lighthouse
Oak Island Light
Bald Head Lighthouse

I decided to take a shower in the parking lot. Yep, you heard me. A shower in a beach parking lot. People look at me like I’m an alien while wearing a face mask down here in the South, but taking a home-made parking lot shower doesn’t get a second glance. All you need is a strong suction cup attached to the back window, your solar shower, and you in a bathing suit so an arrest can be avoided.

Then, I made a sandwich and coffee in my little kitchen and started the long drive to the Outer Banks. Once I made it to Harkers Island I grabbed my mask and phone and took the 20 minute ferry over to Cape Lookout.

I nearly died. Look how gorgeous this is….

This Lighthouse is painted to show direction as well. The black points line up to point north and south.

The Lightkeeper’s house was closed because of Covid but the windows were open and you could lean in and take a peek at the first floor. Gorgeous.

Tomorrow (Sunday), I drive two hours to get to Cedar Island to take a car ferry over to Ocracoke Island. There is one Lighthouse on that island, but I’m not sure when the last ferry from Ocracoke to Cape Hatteras runs. Covid has screwed up the schedules apparently. I may just stay the night on the island before heading north through the Outer Banks.

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