More Scottish Castles

I visited St. Andrews in the morning, toured the castle and the cathedral, and walked around the town. Then who doesn’t need a coffee shop in a toasty?

Then I continued the drive north up the Fife coast to Broughty Castle.

Broughty Castle

Then to Claypotts Castle. It wasn’t open and there was nowhere to park, but here in Scotland apparently you can just park on sidewalks.

Claypotts Castle, Dundee

One thought on “More Scottish Castles

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  1. LIZ !!!

    How awesome to be in Scotland I would love to be there. Perhaps Logan and I could get flights . . . I am planning on going there next summer (fingers crossed) so you will have to let me know all the places I must go. I look forward to future posts. Stay safe and have fun!

    Jeannine Brandel


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