Balloch Castle and park, Luss Village

Balloch Castle- a county park now
Park’s view of Loch Lomond
Sassenach Coffee in Luss Village
Luss Village

Around 1,500 years ago, an Irish missionary, St Kessog, arrived at Loch Lomond, bringing Christianity to the area. At the time Luss was called Clachan Dhu (the dark village) because it lay in the shadow of the surrounding hills.

St Kessog was martyred and his body embalmed with sweet herbs. Legend has it that the herbs grew and covered his grave, providing a new name for the village – lus is Gaelic for herb.

The present church was built in 1875 but the graveyard is much older.

The earliest stones date from the 7th or 8th century and includes an 11th century Viking hogback grave.

Inside there’s a lovely ceiling made from Scots pine rafters and some beautiful Victorian stained-glass windows.

Fairy Trail along the creek
More cute houses in the village
Impressive gnome garden

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