Fiordland! New Zealand

February 7, 2018 At sea today, but we traveled through three different sounds and into Fiord National Park in southern New Zealand's west side. I think we actually went off course today because a medical emergency evacuation took place in a tiny cove. Everyone was staring at the waterfall on one side while I was... Continue Reading →

Dunedin, New Zealand

February 6, 2018 I'm positive I am not the only one onboard who debated sleeping in their life jacket! This was a super-duper nasty storm. A few nights ago, when we went through the cyclone... That was nothing. I think I heard the ship sobbing. Or a neighbor. Dunedin and the port town we pulled... Continue Reading →

Akarow, New Zealand

February 5, 2018 I didn't get off the ship. I would have to get tender tickets, then wait for my time, then a 15 min min tender, then a bus into town.... Nope. I slept in, then finished another newsletter. Had lunch. Drank 6 espressos. Relaxed. Whenever I have time, I like to spy on... Continue Reading →

Picton, New Zealand

February 4, 2018 Every person was greeted by little old ladies with baskets of hand-made corsages on the dock. It was such a sweet gesture and introduction to this little town. There are ten ladies that do this for every cruise ship coming in. Takes them almost 4 hours of work and they joked about... Continue Reading →

Wellington, Take Two

February 3, 2018 This really is a super cool town. Capital, I should say. Lots of great buildings, tons of shops and restaurants in the downtown area, free's perfect. I decided to get off the ship even though the weather wasn't all that great this morning and go for a couple mile walk through... Continue Reading →

Just another day on the Jewel

February 2, 2018 We have started to circle back towards Sydney and today we stopped again in Napier, New Zealand, so I decided to stay on the ship and get some paperwork done. I've decided to take on a task of putting together a bi-monthly newsletter for other TDs at my student tour company, and... Continue Reading →

Auckland, New Zealand

January 31, 2018 Disembarkation Day! Today, my 190-ish (amount, not age) guests leave the ship and I receive a new glowing, kind, and excited batch of 140+ guests for the next 10 days through New Zealand and Australia. YAHOO! Before that happens though, a little prayer... may customs be gentle to them, may the port... Continue Reading →

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

January 30, 2018 New Zealand is just beautiful. Every day has been more lush, green, and amazing than the day before. Today we had to take the tender to shore. I was heading out for my "Waitomo Glow Worms Cave Walk & Manginangina Kauri Walk" adventure. I know, it sounds totally nuts. I've been stoked... Continue Reading →

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