Washington D.C.

April 5, 2018 An amazing day with an amazing group from Los Angeles, California. They had a wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday which was absolutely perfect and today we did so many things I cannot even keep track. My feet hurt so bad it's not even funny. This time of year it's like... Continue Reading →

50 Years Later

April 4, 2018 "They told us we wouldn't get here.¬†And there were those who said that we would get here only over their dead bodies, but all the world today knows that we are here and we are standing before the forces of power in the state of Alabama saying, 'We ain't gon' let nobody... Continue Reading →

Theatre and the Arts, NYC

March 10, 2018 This is one more my favorite tours because I love my thespian groups! Having worked in theatre and film for many years, I can actually relate to these high school kids, probably more now than when I was actually in high school. This is a very Liberal group from Texas, in love... Continue Reading →

NYC Post “Storm”

March 8, 2018 Today, New York City...Take Two. We were the first ones on the ferry this morning. Hopped off for 5 minutes at Liberty Island to take a photo up Lady Liberty's dress, and then hopped on the ferry back to Ellis Island.

NYC and the “Storm”

March 7, 2018 Sloppy, wet, puddles, wind, closed, slip, chill, people, fall, subways, potholes, ice, snowflakes, mud, slush, misery, fluster, bluster, broken. Done.

NYC, Before the Storm

March 6, 2018 I snored myself awake and turned to see my 3 group leaders laughing at me somewhere near the Delaware border. We left the hotel super early this morning hoping to see as much of NYC before the foot of snow that is expected tomorrow drops on us. First: lunch at Gray's Papaya... Continue Reading →

Dirksen Dining Hall and other things

March 5, 2018 The group leader for my current tour is the high school's administrator and she treats us to lunch every year at the Senate Dining Hall in the Dirksen Office Building. She actually sells it as a field trip experience amongst our country's leadership. Amazing. And so much fun. The bill is usually... Continue Reading →

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