Wellington, Take Two

February 3, 2018

This really is a super cool town. Capital, I should say. Lots of great buildings, tons of shops and restaurants in the downtown area, free museums…it’s perfect.

I decided to get off the ship even though the weather wasn’t all that great this morning and go for a couple mile walk through the town. I took photos of some of the cooler buildings.

The weather hasn’t been that great the last couple of days. Two nights ago we ran into a really nasty storm surge and the ship was rocking just every which way. Complimentary vomit bags were put in all of the walkways and stairwells. And let me tell you something, the best time to go to the dinner buffet is when it’s really bouncing because everybody is in their cabins either being sick or running to their cabins while they throw up in their handbags. I ate dinner in near silence for the first time in 15 days. I had the Nutella crepe maker all to myself.

I got back to my cabin and my towel animal even looked sick.

I had an amazing interaction with one of my guests today when I was getting back on the shuttle to the ship. It went something like this…

Looking startled and confused she said, “Oh Thank Jesus you are here. Where are we?”

Starting off with the basics, I replied, “Wellington, New Zealand.”

“I don’t know where we are.” She grabs my shirt sleeve and says, “Take us to the Cable Cars!”

“Mrs. So and So, I am not your tour guide, but if you talk to the lady over there in the yellow, she has maps.”

“Where are we?”

“Brandon street. At the only cruise ship shuttle stop. You should REALLY talk to the woman there and get a map.”

“I have a map! But I don’t know where we are!”

“Where is the map?”

“In my purse.”

“Well, open your purse, take it out and open the map. There is a huge purple star showing where you are currently standing. The cable car is three blocks in that direction. This is the ONLY stop for this shuttle back to the ship. Remember, Purple Star on map. Brandon Street.”

“But….” And the shuttle bus driver hollered at me to get on or wait for the next bus, I hopped on and pointed to the lady in yellow holding the maps.

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